Shark Hunter

Fictional Short Story. Last night you died.  Last night you died at my hands and I don’t regret it.  I’m not sure there has ever been a time where I didn’t fantasize about your demise.  I have plotted and planned about what I would do if I had the chance one day to steal your […]

My grandmother’s funeral

Another piece for my creative writing class..but this is completely nonfiction and the true story of my week.   Death is a unique experience to each and every person who experiences it.  Everyone deals with their loss and grief using various methods.  A death in a dysfunctional family can bring up devastating emotions and memories.  Often, […]

Little, Lost Alice

Note: 1/3 poems that I wrote for my Creative Writing portfolio Little, Lost Alice Unlike Alice, she didn’t choose this adventure…… As aware as she thinks she always is- she doesn’t always see me watching her. I watch her from afar while being right next to her. I watch.  I see. her frozen gaze at […]

The Attempted Murder of my Soul

Another poem I wrote for my Creative Writing portfolio. The Attempted Murder of My Soul Dear Brother, I would love to write to you today and tell you how you broke me.  How you ripped apart my beings and spilt them beyond repair.  You did.  So I thought. Cause my body is left with your […]


“The bodies of incest victims have trouble distinguishing between danger and safety.  This means that the imprint of past trauma does not consist only of distorted perceptions of information coming from the outside; the organism itself also has a problem knowing how to feel safe.  The past is impressed not only on their minds, but […]

What does PTSD feel like?

Wrote this poem for my creative writing class. What does PTSD feel like? It’s a stabbing, slow suffocation. It’s nightmares.  It’s sadness and fear.  You know, that shame and guilt, well that’s always there. It’s forgetting to breathe forgetting your surroundings yet being so aware of every glaring light, every moving object, human, animal or […]

The Body Remembers

Once again, last night I was brought to my knees by a force out of my control.  Screaming, fighting, crying out, “No! No, no please no.” “Don’t go there.” “Please, please, please, don’t go back there.” Whining and pleading like a small child, with tears streaming down my face, “please, please.” My husband was asleep […]

Planning to Plan

This is another short story I wrote for my creative writing class.  My newest obsession is planning and it’s served me well with keeping me sane, so this assignment was about an invention, a monument, or product that awed you.   Nothing really awes me, but I look around my room to see it covered in […]