Happy New Years

My work schedule is looking a lot better.  I’m home by six every night and get to hang out with the kids and get them into bed at a decent time, then I have a few hours to myself before heading to bed and doing it all over again.

But I’ve been really exhausted.   I don’t know if its crashing from the expresso addiction I’ve been obtaining this week, but I wanna pass out every night when I get home.  I keep drinking more for more energy, but I don’t know.  Going to cut back and see if that is what is making me so tired.

I actually haven’t thought much of my friends who are possibly active in their addictions.

I have great news.

I guess.

Mcdonald’s offered to make me a manager; I’ve only been there four months.  The training and classes will take around six months, but it’s getting paid for the responsibility that I already take upon myself.  I’m anxious about having said responsibility (on paper so to say), when I’m less than happy with the majority of the crew that works there.

I shared my doubts.

I didn’t want to take responsibility for that lot.  Haha.  I didn’t want the added stress of the issues and drama that they bring with them.  And I’m not sure where I will be in my life next week, let alone next week.

However, everyone knows what Mcdonalds is.  It will look great on my resume.  As I build up experience and years, I will get paid more and more and they honestly take care of their managers very well.  Great pay, great benefits.  Will pay for college- probably depends on the degree, but still.  Management in general looks good on future job applications.  I could transfer almost anywhere.

I love to learn.  I love finding better ways of doing things.  I love over analyzing everything. Sometimes I like people. LOL!

Anyways, I think its a great chance for me.  And the thing about it, is if it takes six months that also gives me a chance to warm up to the idea and decide it I want to go through it or not.

I think its also gives me some motivation to get out of bed, even when I don’t want to.  I have people depending on me, you know?  And I usually am so busy with work when I’m there, that I rarely let my head space get to me.  It’s almost like a form of therapy or maybe just avoidance….?

The break my mind gets is nice.

Anyways, I’ve had a few comments thrown around that I don’t deserve it, that there are others who have been there a lot longer, etc.

I care but I don’t.

When I interviewed, they knew I wanted management, at least to move up in the company.  Within a month or two I was taking to the store manager about wanting to become a supervisor or manager.

Blah. Whatever.  I don’t need to explain why I deserve it or don’t.  I do obviously because they offered it to me and I know I deserve it, because I worked my butt off for them and will continue to do so because that’s what I do!

Loyal beyond belief.

I have more to say but motherly duties are calling.

Rather screaming in the little voices of my toddlers!




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